It's that time of year when everyone starts thinking about lights.  Have we got the easiest, most sensationally bright, enclosure system lighting for you! The most innovative lighting technology, tailored to Rittal enclosures. Do not settle for less! This LED system light sets brand new standards in all areas.


Better than your grandma's string lights

  • Innovative LED technology for even more light into the very last corner
  • Intelligent lighting, tailored to the geometry of the enclosure, thanks to a special optical cover with Fresnel structure
  • Optical cover with two different Fresnel structures
  • The cover is easily rotated – to adapt the light distribution to the current installation situation
  • Enormous luminous intensity up to 1200 lumens, directed selectively into the enclosure

Faster than Santa's Reindeer

  • Fast, tool-free assembly thanks to a latching hook system on a 25 mm pitch pattern of holes; simply latch and secure
  • Optional screw-fastening also available, or opt for complete flexibility with a magnetic attachment freely positionable inside the enclosure
  • May be fitted horizontally and vertically with no loss of space in the enclosure; existing rails and sections can simply be covered.
  • Lights with motion detectors are equipped with a rotating LED board as standard, allowing the direction of light to be perfectly adapted to any installation situation