AppletonAppleton announces the release of the new UPR Series plugs and switched receptacles rated for use in ATEX/IECx hazardous locations.


The UPR Series plugs and switched receptacles offer the ability to satisfy electrical codes including ATEX and IECEx; they simplify specification in oil refineries, offshore rigs, and other hazardous locations. In addition, the same UPR plug employed in a hazardous location can be used safely in a standard, non-hazardous area when connected to an interlocking non-hazardous receptacle, an advantage that broadens the use of portable electrical equipment throughout a facility.

Compact, lightweight and corrosion resistant, the UPR Series plugs and receptacles are ideal for connecting power to portable or stationery electrical equipment, such as industrial lighting systems, heaters, conveyors, motor generators and pumps.

Both 16 Amp and 32 Amp UPR models are constructed of rugged non-metallic polyamide for superior corrosion-resistance, and provide critical safety features like color-coding to ensure safe identification of matching voltages, mechanical interlock so that disengagement cannot occur while energized, along with a keyed design to prevent insertion of plugs into receptacles wired for a different voltage or phase configuration. Adding to operational safety is a lockable external switch that complies with IEC 60309-1, allowing the receptacle to be locked in either "on" or "off" position while giving visual confirmation of status to workers.

Download the UPR Series Plugs and Receptacles Product Guide.

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